Chairman’s Message

Dear Friend,

With the ongoing battle against the global pandemic, life seems to be set for a paradigm shift — the emphasis transitioning from work-life balance to work-life integration.

As we edge towards a fresh definition of normalcy, every office space needs to be upgraded with the well-being of its employees topping the priority list. Evidently, the size, scale and openness of the modern offices will play an important role to facilitate people coming together, connecting, collaborating and making a difference.

In 2009, we at Ambuja Neotia ventured into commercial projects with Ecospace Business Park, the largest multi-tenanted business park in Kolkata. The aim was simple  to make a difference in the way people work. The success of this project inspired us to refine the idea of workplace with Ecocentre. Today, we have Ecostation, Ecosuite and more, accommodating modern-day corporates and entrepreneurs, and offering them a balanced work-life environment.

Staying true to our mission in today’s challenging times, we have designed Ecospace Business Towers with health, performance and sustainability at the heart of our planning. There are flexible modular office spaces for corporates to augment work-life harmony in a safe and hygienic environment, as well as smaller yet compact spaces for organisations with an abridged manpower.

We hope to give the new-age businesses the best working environment for its employees. By best, we not only mean safe, hygienic and functional work stations, but also ample scope for team bonding and unwinding in aesthetically designed open green concourses on the premises. After all, nothing is more important to us than your well-being.

Wishing the best for the future.

Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia