Ecospace Business Towers – A Boutique Corporate Park

Today in the battle for speed, we probably want more for less. Our quality index in growth misses to address the ‘human’ in us.

Quality produce is far important to human mind (and soul) and our happiness than average produce in quantity.

The human need to ‘deep work’ supersedes our need to ‘more work’.

We, today, are in the need of mindfulness in our workplaces. Probably to slow down and sink in the qualitative aspect of nature.

Ecospace Business Towers is a project of building up a community of boutique offices within an infrastructure of a corporate park. Boutique working has a scale of human connect, brings the best of intense human collaboration on table, higher intuitive index and 3 times more satisfaction (happiness) in your work sphere.

Every office is sensitive to the human need of associating with the elements. They have ample daylight, have views of green pocket park with option for natural ventilation as well. This shall help in developing the psychological health of its occupants. The design also offers exclusive offices with private green terraces on the concourse level.

The 3 towers of offices are socially connected at the concourse level, which offers engaging pocket parks, cafes and F&B parlours. The outdoor deck is where the workspaces turn into friendship decks!

The central forest park is the source to our spirits. The biophilic intent of this central tall tree zone is to revitalize us, add to our fitness, drive away the mental fatigue and connect with the spirit of nature.

Ecospace Business Towers offers workspaces not just to grow, but thrive as well!


Vivek Singh Rathore

Principal Architect